Zoom Meeting Schedule

Creating a zoom account is not necessary to join meetings.
Smartphone/tablet users: download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app.

To join a meeting using your device’s audio/video, click the Join link for the appropriate class. When prompted, enable access to your camera and microphone, as well as notifications.

Alternatively, to join a meeting by telephone (audio only), dial (415) 762-9988 and enter the Meeting ID when prompted, followed by the # sign. When prompted for your Participant ID, simply press #.

TimeInstructorClassZoomMeeting ID
8:00-9:00CarterEvangelism 103Join8411409027
StacksChurch Admin. 303Join8379575956
CorleyEnglish 203Join4788546147
WilkesGreek 403/503Join6377827472
9:15-10:15CarterRevelation 503Join8411409027
StacksChurch Ep… 203Join8379575956
CrainWorld Rel. 403Join5877567570
CorleyEnglish Comp 303Join4788546147
WilkesMin. Pract. 103Join6377827472
10:30-11:30CarterSpeech 103Join8411409027
StacksLife & Times… 403Join8379575956
JohnsonOT Prophets 503Join7647674533
CrainChurch Hist. 203Join5877567570
LuellenHebrew 303Join8075813725
12:00-1:00CarterChristian Dis 103Join8411409027
StacksGreek 303Join8379575956
JohnsonGenesis-Ruth 403Join7647674533
LuellenMissions 203Join8075813725
WilkesHebrews 503Join6377827472
1:15-2:15JohnsonHebrew 503Join7647674533
CrainSys. The. 303Join5877567570
LuellenHebrew 403Join8075813725
CorleyGrammar 103Join4788546147
WilkesGreek 203Join6377827472