Online Courses

Classes will be taught twice weekly through Zoom by qualified instructors selected by the faculty, trustees, and Calvary Baptist Church.

While beneficial to ministers, these courses are designed for the layperson. They will be taught in a way to benefit all people no matter their level of education or area of service. Classes will be held live in the evenings and available as a recorded version for the student. Besides books and resources, all that is required is an internet device that is capable of video chat.

Online classes are available for course credit through LMBIS and will be $125 plus processing fees. An audit option is available for $60 plus processing fees. For more information, you may contact Bro. Micah Carter, Dean of Online Studies at (870) 831-9449.

Online Course Descriptions

Bro. Bryan Sellars

Christian Doctrine

Course Description: This course will offer a study of the American Baptist Association Doctrinal Statement. This study will cover basic bible doctrines and help the student to learn what we believe and why we believe it.

Required Books: King James Bible, “What We Believe and Why”, David O. Johnson

Bro. Jason Hebert

Homiletics/Lesson Preparation

Course Description: This course will assist the pastor, preacher, or church teacher with the principles and techniques of sermon/lesson preparation and delivery, complimented by practical exercises. This course has the aim of sharpening the skill set of the seasoned preacher/teacher as well as equipping the novice with the tools necessary to rightly divide the Word of God.

Required Books: King James Bible, “12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching”, Wayne McDill

Recommended Books: “The Elements of Preaching”, Warren and David Wiersbe, “Bible Explorers Guide”, John Phillips

Bro. Daniel Clark

Fundamentals of Music

Course Description: Fundamentals of Music is a semester course designed to help students understand the basics of music theory. Each student will learn how to read basic to moderate music notations, as well as simple conducting.

Required Books: “Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory: A Complete Self-Study Course for All Musicians” (Book & 2 CDs), Surmani, Farnum-Surmani, Manus *Can be purchased on Amazon.

Bro. Keith Rose

The Perfect Tabernacle: Christ in the Wilderness

Course Description: The Goal of this class is for the student to have a solid working knowledge of the layout, the procedures, and the representations of the Old Testament Tabernacle and how they picture Jesus Christ. The details will add clarity to a vast number of scriptures in the Old and New Testaments that teach the need for a relationship with God through redemption and proper service.

Required Books: King James Bible

Recommended Books: “The Tabernacle of The Old Testament”, Dr. Bobby Sparks, “The Priesthood of Israel”, Dr. Bobby Sparks

Bro. Scott Bourland

Introduction to Missions

Course Description: Our purpose in this course will be to understand the overall importance of missions to our church. How should we feel about missions and missionaries as a church member and or pastor? What can we do in the local church to be of greater help to the missionaries and their cause? How can we help our local church be more enthusiastic about and more involved in the cause of missions?

We will explore:

  1. The missions/local church connection.
  2. The down side to mission agencies and associational mission programs.
  3. How to pray for missionaries.
  4. How to become personally involved in missions through the Local church.
  5. How to give to missions through the Local Church.
  6. Increasing our overall passion for missions.

Required Books: King James Bible, “Eternity in Their Hearts”, Don Richardson, “Regal Books Through the Gates of Splendor”, Elisabeth Elliot, Tyndale Publishing

Class schedules will be set by the instructor in collaboration with the students at the beginning of the semester. Students will be contacted by their instructor prior to the class starting. If a student is unable to attend due to the schedule, a refund will be issued in accordance with the refund policy listed above.