Admissions Policy

All correspondence concerning admission to LMBIS should be addressed to the registrar. The registrar’s office will supply the applicant with proper forms. When these forms and all transcripts of previous academic training have been returned, proper consideration will be given. Official notification will be given by the registrar’s office.

Eligibility of applicants will be considered on the basis of previous training. All applicants entering seminary training must have achieved at least a high school diploma or equivalent. All other applicants will be trained on the institute level until these standards are met. Applicants will be given appropriate exams to determine their academic level.

Applicants must be recommended by a church fellowshipping in the ABA. Any exception must have faculty approval. LMBIS has an open enrollment policy without regard to race.

Credit from other institutions of learning are accepted on their merit and at the discretion of the faculty. Full credit for work done in other schools in the American Baptist Association will be given for courses which parallel those required in the curriculum of LMBIS.

As in most states, The Board of Education of Louisiana is not empowered to accredit theological schools; the credit value of work done in this school is determined by merit. Advance schools do recognize such credits as apply to their courses.

No transcript of credits will be issued without liquidation of all accounts.

The Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary has been supported by free will offerings from churches, alumni, and friends who love the cause of Christ and Christian education. The school is not underwritten by any person or organization but is totally dependent on free will offerings. Because of this generous support, a tuition fee is not charged to students coming from ABA churches. A small enrollment fee is assessed which helps cover record and office expense.

This school reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason it deems justifiable. Also reserved is the right to dismiss from the school any student who refuses to cooperate with the faculty or one whose conduct is unchristian.

All students should register previous to opening day of school. Late registration will continue for two weeks following the opening day.