The following scholarships are awarded to students who strive for moral and academic excellence while maintaining the rich ideals of the LMBIS heritage.

  • George R. Harper Memorial Scholarship
  • L. L. Clover Memorial Scholarship
  • L. J. Odom Memorial Scholarship
  • L. Wayne Watson Memorial Scholarship
  • T. David Talbert Memorial Scholarship
  • Ed Rhodes Memorial Scholarship
  • Bill Westfall Memorial Scholarship
  • Harold Richardson Memorial Scholarship
  • Roy E. Chapman Memorial Scholarship
  • Holvis M. Stout Honorary Scholarship
  • Michael A Bright, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • George Russell Thomas-Lloyd Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Dwight Bird Memorial Scholarship
  • Willie F. Knight Memorial Scholarship
  • Don McCormick Memorial Scholarship
  • Hunter & Lexi Wilkes Scholarship

Other scholarships are presented to deserving students funded by individuals, auxiliaries, and churches as they are available.